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January 24, 2008

Who do the Democrats want for the GOP nominee?

I've heard lots of talk among Republicans regarding whether Hillary or Obama will be the tougher Democrat nominee this fall. But, turn that question around. Who do the Democrats fear most. Today, Senator John McCain said he was the "Democrats worst nightmare". As a Republican, I personally have problems with all of the candidates left in the running. While I backed Fred but was disappointed with his campaign, I was happy with his positions. McCain is attractive to independents and moderates, but conservatives distrust his positions on illegal immigration and his role in McCain-Feingold. Romney has flip-flopped on so many issues. Huckabee was soft on illegal aliens and raised taxes in Arkansas. All three are picking up Thompson's crumbs, especially in Tennessee. Look for Romney and Huckabee to announce their Tennessee leadership early next week.

But, who would Hillary or Obama rather face? I'm not sure yet, but I'd love to hear what the Dems are thinking.

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