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January 28, 2008

A Drunken Sailor

The Tennessean has the text of Governor Bredesen's State of the State address tonight. While he use a nautical motif to describe his role as head of state, he could have avoided the state's current fiscal shortfalls if he had not spent money like a drunken sailor last year. Bredesen has practically doubled the size of the state budget in his six years in office, blew through $1.8 billion in new revenue last year, and now is coming up short. It's time for Bredesen and the Democrats to sober up and realize the state should live within its means just like we do at home. Of course the governor's official residence will be much bigger than ours, especially once he spends more taxpayer money to build his underground dance hall.

1 comment:

Mr Turnbow said...

It would be nice if a HONEST REAL conservative was elected to that office in 2010. Andrew I still remember like it was yesterday, Sundquist and Steve McDaniel running around Henderson and Chester counties in the 90's swearing up and down they would never support an income tax.