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February 14, 2008

Democrat Party Spokesman Endorses Republican Yager for State Senate

Breaking news . . . Wade Munday, flack for the Tennessee Democrat Party, has endorsed Ken Yager, Republican candidate for the 12th State Senate District (currently held by retiring Sen. Tommy Kilby, a Democrat) by wearing a Yager sticker at campaign stops on Monday. Oh, or is this dirty Democrat tricks?

Democrats Conspire with Terrorists to defeat FISA

With the very security of our nation at stake, Democrats decided to play poltics today rather than do what's right. Dems lead by San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi went after Josh Bolton and Harriet Miers by issuing contempt charges against them (nevermind the constitution's seperation of powers doctrine. Why let the constitution stand in the way?). Meanwhile, the Dems prepare to leave town while letting FISA expire. This will take away powers that our nation needs to maintain our safety and security by allowing the feds to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails of SUSPECTED TERRORISTS!!!!!

Crowning McCain

Gov. Romney today ordained Sen. John McCain with his support and delegates. It's a significant endorsement for McCain. Some pundits thought Romney would keep his delegates until the convention.

Fed up with Phil

Phil Bredesen again shows that he likes to spend other people's money better than his own. He'd never run one of his businesses like he does state government. Phil is proposing to spend another $25 million per year ($150 million all together) on free day care ("pre-k) despite his OWN study showing that it doesn't work. This study shows that the program is ineffective, inconsistent, and not worth the money.

Phil really wants Pre-k since it will mean more jobs for teachers who who will pay dues to the liberal NEA, and it will be a legacy for him. Nevermind that this legacy doesn't work. Just ask Georgia.

Not is it just spending money that the state doesn't have, but it is spending money that might be spent better. For example, it could be spent on tutors, scholarships, etc.

February 13, 2008

Common Sense Fails Libs

Common sense always seems to escape liberals. Take this one. The United Van Lines study that found that people and their talents are moving to low tax states:

But one reason to conclude that taxes are also a motivator is because the eight states without an income tax are stealing talent from other states. They are Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, and each one gained in net domestic migrants. Each one except Florida — which has sky-high property taxes on new homesteaders — also ranked in the top 12 of destination states. The nearby table ranks the top five destination and departure states.
Lower taxes attracts talented people and jobs creating more tax revenue and helping to keep taxes low.

Paying more to Phil up your tank . . .

Didn't Nancy Pelosi promises to lower gas prices within a year? Now, she along with Gov. Phil Bredesen are talking about hiking taxes on gas. Say hello to $4/a gallon if they add on all the taxes they are talking about.

Bredesen said the state will need to increase its gasoline tax, currently 22 cents per gallon, in order to fund what the Tennessee Department of Transportation says is $5 billion in necessary road projects over the next 10 years.
Is it just me or do you cringe every time the Dems talk about how it is shameful for oil companies to make profits? If they had their way, they would go Hugo Chavez on the oil companies putting all the oil companies in the control of the government. Given the government's inefficiencies, can you imagine the waits at the pump for your tax-subsidized gas.

February 5, 2008

Krispy Kreme anyone?

I voted early, so I wasn't out voting today. I haven't heard of any problems in Tennessee, although I have heard of scattered minor problems around the nation. One of the most interesting is this report on Chelsea Clinton.