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February 13, 2008

Paying more to Phil up your tank . . .

Didn't Nancy Pelosi promises to lower gas prices within a year? Now, she along with Gov. Phil Bredesen are talking about hiking taxes on gas. Say hello to $4/a gallon if they add on all the taxes they are talking about.

Bredesen said the state will need to increase its gasoline tax, currently 22 cents per gallon, in order to fund what the Tennessee Department of Transportation says is $5 billion in necessary road projects over the next 10 years.
Is it just me or do you cringe every time the Dems talk about how it is shameful for oil companies to make profits? If they had their way, they would go Hugo Chavez on the oil companies putting all the oil companies in the control of the government. Given the government's inefficiencies, can you imagine the waits at the pump for your tax-subsidized gas.

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