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February 14, 2008

Democrats Conspire with Terrorists to defeat FISA

With the very security of our nation at stake, Democrats decided to play poltics today rather than do what's right. Dems lead by San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi went after Josh Bolton and Harriet Miers by issuing contempt charges against them (nevermind the constitution's seperation of powers doctrine. Why let the constitution stand in the way?). Meanwhile, the Dems prepare to leave town while letting FISA expire. This will take away powers that our nation needs to maintain our safety and security by allowing the feds to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails of SUSPECTED TERRORISTS!!!!!

1 comment:

Robin said...

And by "suspected terrorists" you mean American citizens, right? Because that is exactly what FISA allows, spying on anyone, for any reason the government sees fit. The Constitution was supposed to protect against this crap, too late I guess when the ex-pres thinks it nothing more than "...a G** D*** piece of paper!"