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February 14, 2008

Fed up with Phil

Phil Bredesen again shows that he likes to spend other people's money better than his own. He'd never run one of his businesses like he does state government. Phil is proposing to spend another $25 million per year ($150 million all together) on free day care ("pre-k) despite his OWN study showing that it doesn't work. This study shows that the program is ineffective, inconsistent, and not worth the money.

Phil really wants Pre-k since it will mean more jobs for teachers who who will pay dues to the liberal NEA, and it will be a legacy for him. Nevermind that this legacy doesn't work. Just ask Georgia.

Not is it just spending money that the state doesn't have, but it is spending money that might be spent better. For example, it could be spent on tutors, scholarships, etc.

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