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January 8, 2008

Republicans Show They Care About Real Tennesseans

House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower has an excellent column in today's Tennessean showing how Republicans are in touch with Tennessee's conservative majority:

Top Ten Signs You Are a Tennessee Republican:

10. You question why repeat drunken drivers are still on the road and why Democrats opposed strengthening extreme drunken driver laws to put these guys behind bars.

9. You believe that, in order to ensure our children's education is a top priority, we should fund education before other discretionary state programs.

8. You are startled to learn that Tennessee has the most liberal abortion laws in the nation and would support common-sense restrictions like parental consent for minors and a waiting period.

7. You believe simply that to vote in our sacred elections, you should have to be a citizen of this country and are dismayed to learn that Democrats killed this common-sense law twice.

6. You support reasonable limitations to frivolous lawsuits, ultimately saving us all in escalating health-care costs.

5. You are appalled at the brazen spending spree of Tennessee's Democratic governor, who last year raised taxes $330 million in a year when we received more than $1.5 billion in surplus revenues.

4. You believe that the driver's license test should be given in English only since you will be expected to read road signs written in English.

3. You find it hypocritical that the state will sit on more than $140 million in excess lottery reserves that are supposed to go for education, but won't spend it on K-12 school construction.

2. You think Tennessee's having the highest sales tax on food in the nation is wrong and that we should help families by cutting the grocery tax.

1. You oppose a new statewide property tax and a state income tax!

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