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January 17, 2008

Tennessee Democrats: Like a Vegeterian Colonel Sanders, But Making Karl Marx Proud

State Rep. Gerald McCormick sets the record straight regarding Rep. David Hawk's (R-Greeneville) House Bill 9 while correctly asserting that State House Democratic Leader Gary Odom is like Kentucky Fried Chicken, "(H)earing Gary state an aversion to 'pork barrel' spending is about as believable as Colonel Sanders coming out in favor of vegetarianism."

House Democrat Leader Gary Odom is the father of pork barrel spending having pushed his caucus for the $20,000,000 in taxpayer funded "pork grants" that the legislature funded last June in the state budget. Now, Odom calls a Republican plan to use excess lottery revenues for school construction and renovation "pork barrel" spending ignoring his "pork grants" for ballfields. Republicans opposed the pork grants although they obviously submitted their requests when it became apparent the Democratic-controlled House had the votes to pass them. Otherwise, the funds for Republican districts would be diverted to Democrat enclaves. Republicans preferred to give the money directly back to taxpayers in the form of a food sales tax cut. In short, the pork grants were anything but finger lickin' good.

Meanwhile, Kevin Burke takes Gary Odom and Tennessee Democrats to the woodshed:
Are you kidding me? Rep. Odom even says, "The lottery scholarship was never intended to be an academic scholarship; it was intended to be a way to help more Tennesseans get a college education." That's the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. It's a prime example of how today's Democrats represent the modern Socialist movement. If it's not an academic scholarship, then what is it? Free money?

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